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Sea Girt Technology offers a variety of technology services tailored for the needs of individuals, small businesses and charities.  Our solutions include:

  • WordPress websites with forms that collect registrations, data, sales & donations!
  • Webhosting plans!
  • Email distribution methods to increase brand awareness!
  • Consulting services to improve professionalism, proficiency and knowledge!
  • eLearning development to elevate human performance!
  • Resources, Skills and tips in the evolving world of 21st Century technology.
  • Creative designs utilizing various technology devices.

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic and scalable websites which collect data, leads, registrations and donations to promote your brand, business or charity.

Technology Consulting

Consulting services that analyze, design and implement 21st century technology solutions for individuals, businesses and charities.

Additional Services

eLearning solutions, video capturing, logo designs, resources, tips & tricks and much more to solve your next generation technology needs.